Tuesday, October 30, 2018

#last90days Freebie!

Have you been participating in the

Let's talk about goal setting. 

Or at this point, resetting. 

Struggling to continue on with the #last90days challenge? So was I. 

If your current course didn't seem to be working out, check out this freebie I've created for you and a guilt-free new way to track those goals!

Don't give up- the last 60 days is still better than waiting for that dreaded New Years Resolution. 

Check out the LIVE video & explanation:

Friday, April 6, 2018

Check out the SGS Boutique!


Friday, February 2, 2018

Shades for Days

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So, if you follow my madness at all, you know I have a slight obsession with a few things: makeup that lasts, cups, a good meme and sunnies. 

Enter Blenders. 

I'm sure it was from some dumb Instagram add that I began creeping on their feed and desperately wanted a pair. In fact, I know that's what happened. Actually, I can remember the exact picture I saw:

I immediately needed a pair.
and a pineapple.
and a french manicure.

I talked myself out of it.

You don't need another pair of sunglasses. C'mon, just one.
You don't even like the sunglasses, you just want to be that girl. But they're so cute.
Just buy some from Target. Target does not have shades like THIS.

And I didn't buy them, for a while. Then, I got a magic coupon and thought I would just have ONE pair...

and so it begins. 

Shop my shades.

Three months and one black Friday sale later and I'm OBSESSED! 

My initial thought with my first pair was, "Oh, these are good quality." I have Target shades, and I have Oakley's and these are much closer to the quality of Oakley's with a quarter of the price tag. 
And I'm not crazy! When I was on vacation, a photographer from our company said, "Blenders! Love them!" Then we started talking about our experience with them and both agreed, they're completely worth the price! Not to mention, really fun in photographs because they're so reflective. 

Which leads to my favorite part-- they're perfect for moms! My FAVORITE part about wearing them, other than the fact that they don't break when my kids grab them, is my kids looking at themselves in the reflection!

Click here to shop my shades.

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Use code: STAYGOLDSHELL20 at checkout!

Disclaimer: I am now, officially a Blenders Rep - but only after I bought all of these and fell in love, so no biased opinions here! 
aaaand that means if you use my code: STAYGOLDSHELL20 you get 20% off!

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Beauty Buys

If you know me on any type of level, or have followed my transformation over the last year, you know a lot has changed. Not only did I become an avid makeup junkie, but I've also become a boss babe in a short amount of time. I figured I would show you the products I've purchased off Amazon over the past year in chronological order so you can see how both my love for makeup and business has evolved:

The #1 question I get asked is also my FIRST purchase: brushes


When I first started religiously applying a full face of makeup, I knew I needed a brush set. Being the cheap, Amazon-loving mom that I was/am - naturally I turned to this set. With nearly 5 stars and a $12 price tag, that two day arrival couldn't come soon enough. Want to know the best part? Nearly a year later, I STILL love this set and recommend it! It is a perfect starter set for a full-face routine and I still use some of them religiously. The quality is about what you'd think for $12, but overall -- totally worth it!


Whether you're a distributor or not, these are a MUST have! I use them for customer demos, but always give my customers a few for pre-mixing their different shades of LipSense.
 Let's Talk Mirrors: One of the first mirrors I ever purchased:

 was a big (little) mistake.
I absolutely thought this was bigger, but still love and use it in my demo/travel bag or purse. It lights well, sits up, and is perfect if you're looking for something SMALL!


I quickly purchased this one and happily used it for 6 months before I made the ultimate upgrade:


 Couldn't love this mirror more! It's significantly larger than it's cheaper, initial version and you can even play your phone through it (which I never do). Even better, it's rechargeable so you don't need batteries-- and the charge lasts weeks. It's also available in several other colors:


 If I could attribute one game changer to my business it would be this bad boy:


 With a $160 price tag I needed a glass of wine to order this one, but it was SO worth it. It completely changed the quality of my videos and photos, especially trying to take half way decent photos in the heart of a Northeast Ohio winter. I would buy it 100 times over!


 I have had a few phone-holding tripods and this is my favorite. It also doubles as a selfie stick!

The following products are currently part of my every day routine! Check out my LIVE videos on facebook for ALL the details & to see them in action: