Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pre-Blogging Creations

Pre-Blogging, these are some of my creations...

Centerpieces for my cousins baby shower...

A poster for my classroom

My son's Fort-Themed nursery

A gift for a new baby girl

Pop-up wedding invitations for a cruise wedding

"Your son going off to college really BLOWS" bouquet 

Custom painted shoes for school

Kisses for our precious boy

Best Friend Luhh

Cake pops for a baby shower


  1. Hi! Love the pics above! Question, where did you find the cute block vase for the centerpieces? I'm looking at doing something like this for a baby shower too. Thanks!!

    1. Leslie,
      The "block vase" is actually a white 7" x 7" box ordered from Amazon. I used my cricut to make the letters that I glued on the outside. I bought fresh flowers and placed a cube of floral foam inside a ziplock bag inside each and wah-lah! Block vases ;)