Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I scoured Pinterest, Instagram & Google for ideas for a "lipstick bag". Since I'm new to LipSense and just bought a ton of new product, I needed something cheap and functional for my new stock. I purchased a small, simple make-up bag from Wal-Mart because although I'm not ready for a trade show, I needed a "go-to" bag to take to work, parties, and to show my friends the goods.

I needed to keep my supplies and the tubes organized, and when I opened my dresser drawer--it hit me! IKEA has the BEST drawer dividers. You can adjust them to ANY size, and they're only $3!


You can literally measure, twist, snap and click them together! They are PERFECT for ANY size bag. I'm sure someone else already thought of this hack, but just in case you didn't-- here it is!


I left some sections bigger for other supplies like applicators, cotton rounds,  baggies, etc. 


Here's the finished product! For less than $20-- I couldn't be happier!


 I'm sure as my stock and customer base grows I'll need to get a bigger bag, but for now this is perfect! 


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Fall Family Photography

These are family pictures from a fall mini-session by Kelley Deal Photography. I can't saw enough amazing things about Kelley. Believe it or not, all of these were captured within a 20-30 minute period-- and with 6 people including a baby and a toddler--the photography speaks for itself!



Hilarious Halloween Creations

Long ago I decided funny costumes trump sexy costumes ALL. day. long. Here is the evolution of that from me & my fraaaands, passed on to my kids:

 Dumb & Dumber Best Friends Costumes

Couples Costumes-- Trainer & Shamu

Batman & Robin Best Friends Costumes

Squints & Wendy Couple Costumes

Ace Ventura Toddler Costume

Mommy & Me Costume-- Ace & Snowflake

Toddler Rambo Costume

...clearly he finally wanted to pick his own costume, so we decided to be a dragon (insert eyeroll)

Cabbage Patch Baby Costume

Update 2016: Brother/Sister Halloween Costume--Excellent.

My Classroom

Designing a high school classroom is a lot of work, but the ample amount of research showing the benefits of creating a welcoming environment for "your kids" makes it worth it. The added challenge for high school teachers is that anything pre-made is juvenile, so here's my attempt to keep it secondary: