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I came across LipSense when another blogger was RAVING about it.  
Seriously, raving.  She posted videos rubbing her lips with a napkin and it not coming off, Snaps 6-8 hours later with the time stamps and color STILL on; I needed to try it for myself.

If Rite Aid, Walmart, Sephora, or Ulta sells it-- I've tried it.  Lip stick, stain, or gloss--I've wasted more money than I'm proud to admit and within an hour, everything is off. What's worse? When the stains made my lips peel and flake. 

Enter: LipSense. 

I decided to give it a shot. At $25 bucks a tube ($20 for gloss), I thought why not? Not to mention it has a 100% money back guarantee; so, I had nothing to lose. 

After using it for one day, I signed up to be a distributor because I fell in LOVE. I could go on for paragraphs about my experience but all you need to know is-- it DOESN'T COME OFF! I'm not kidding, I apply it at 7am for work and it lasts ALL. DAY. Not to mention I loved the feeling of the gloss- hydrating not sticky. 

The only way to believe it is to try for yourself. 

100% Money Back Guarantee-- You CAN'T be disappointed. 

Limited Edition: Gingerbread + Glossy Gloss


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Sheer Berry + Caramel Apple + Glossy Gloss



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