Friday, February 2, 2018

Shades for Days

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So, if you follow my madness at all, you know I have a slight obsession with a few things: makeup that lasts, cups, a good meme and sunnies. 

Enter Blenders. 

I'm sure it was from some dumb Instagram add that I began creeping on their feed and desperately wanted a pair. In fact, I know that's what happened. Actually, I can remember the exact picture I saw:

I immediately needed a pair.
and a pineapple.
and a french manicure.

I talked myself out of it.

You don't need another pair of sunglasses. C'mon, just one.
You don't even like the sunglasses, you just want to be that girl. But they're so cute.
Just buy some from Target. Target does not have shades like THIS.

And I didn't buy them, for a while. Then, I got a magic coupon and thought I would just have ONE pair...

and so it begins. 

Shop my shades.

Three months and one black Friday sale later and I'm OBSESSED! 

My initial thought with my first pair was, "Oh, these are good quality." I have Target shades, and I have Oakley's and these are much closer to the quality of Oakley's with a quarter of the price tag. 
And I'm not crazy! When I was on vacation, a photographer from our company said, "Blenders! Love them!" Then we started talking about our experience with them and both agreed, they're completely worth the price! Not to mention, really fun in photographs because they're so reflective. 

Which leads to my favorite part-- they're perfect for moms! My FAVORITE part about wearing them, other than the fact that they don't break when my kids grab them, is my kids looking at themselves in the reflection!

Click here to shop my shades.

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Disclaimer: I am now, officially a Blenders Rep - but only after I bought all of these and fell in love, so no biased opinions here! 
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